Anto Dust #2 - 1955


Incredibly over six months have flown by since I posted a brief introductory blog about Anto Dust's rather lovely debut "Eyeless in London", they return with the rather spicy "1955", a track which is sure to appeal to those of you that enjoyed the swirling dreaminess of the aforementioned (and hopefully some new listeners too)...

"1955" immediately takes the London based quintet's textured, ethereal shoegaze to the next level with a kaleidoscopic web of dense, melodic goodness that is hazier than anything heard from the band before. Yet still, it retains an innocent, hypnotic state throughout and with Anto's soft vocals sounding as delicious as ice cream on a Summer day, it's one that slowly reveals it's true beauty rather than explodes into life.

I saw daffodils in bloom today, Summer isn't too far away now kiddlywinks! Here's one for your first mix-tape.