Aquilo - New Music "Introducing"

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I've had another of those weeks, long days, long nights and little sleep. When I first heard this song late, late on Friday evening after a couple of hours with Bates Motel it was just what I needed. A warming, soothing blanket of majestic beauty.

The track "You There" is the latest, seemingly the second, by Aquilo, a duo hailing from The Lake District and within moments it's apparent that the gorgeous, natural landscapes of their day to day surroundings has rubbed off on their music too. "You There" is a serene, restrained gem where piano, strings and a melancholic falsetto merge with a rich, dreamlike quality full of space and calm, if you allow yourself to immerse within it, the result will bring goosebumps.

No news of a physical / digital release yet, all you need to know for now is to listen below: