Broken Twin #3 - Glimpse of a Time

Majke Voss Romme's Broken Twin synonym has quickly become one I've become besotted with, something that shows no signs of change with the newly released track "Glimpse of a Time", taken from the recently announced and forthcoming debut album May which is due for release April 28th via ANTI.

"Glimpse of a Time" is stunning, of course it would be, guided by soft, uncluttered instrumentation which is never more than an understated accompaniment to Majke's vocal, a voice that cuts straight through you and leaves your emotions teetering on the edge. Possessing an infinite amount of vulnerability and beauty, it's one of the most intimate voices I can remember hearing, it ekes out hidden depths from her longing lyrics and genuinely moves you like few can.

I was lucky enough to see Majke perform an intimate show late last year at Servant's Jazz Quartet's and I can assure you her songcraft is just as affecting live, thankfully the wait for a repeat chance isn't too far away with Broken Twin already confirmed for May's Great Escape festival (with no doubt a few more shows to be confirmed). You should be there.