Cari Cari - New Music "Introducing"


Last week I used the word "cor" to describe Shura's sexy new single "Touch" and as I cannot come up with a better alternative today to describe the track I'm going to talk about by Austrian duo Cari Cari, I'm just going to say it again. Cor.

It's a cor for different reasons though, "No War" isn't a sexy slow-jam, it's a raise the hairs on the back of your neck, seven minute long rocker. Ringing guitars and big, doom-laden drums set the theme from the get-go, it's all-out, passionate and epic. Big, meaty, twanging guitar riffs soon hypnotise you into submission as they repeat and repeat amongst the sporadic use of didgeridoo and Stephanie's hymnal vocals, all sultry hushed they add an exotic flavour to the raw soundscapes in a track that leaves you momentarily breathless towards its end but then begs you to press play again. And again.