Chalk and Numbers #5 - In The End


Chalk and Numbers have long evoked memories of yesteryear with a couple of EP's already under their belt highlighting a classic 60's pop influenced sound that is nearly always bright, sunny, and welcoming. They now team up with one of our finest little labels Soft Power for a 'compilation' cassette which sees five tracks from their two earlier releases compiled with an altogether new track "In The End".

I'll focus on the new one (though if you haven't heard the wonderfully catchy "He Knew" make sure you rectify that like now), "In The End" sits in nicely with the rest of the material on the releases, sparkling with life as Sable's gorgeous swooning vocals floats over vibrant instrumentation, where horns, piano and percussion combine to have you toe-tapping along in agreement. And while I'm at it. Here's two new tracks for the price of one, a cover of the Misfits "Angelfuck" has cropped up on the duo's soundcloud, here transformed into a reverb-heavy beauty full of swirling analogue synths, chugging guitars riffs and runaway percussion - there is nothing not to like.

The cassette compilation is due for release next week and you can order one now via Soft Power's Bandcamp.