Everything by Electricity #4 - Hello Nothing

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Everything by Electricity have been a new band favourite of mine since way back in March 2012 when I did an introducing piece that talked about the London based trio's ringing guitar chords and anthemic wall of sound, I saw them perform once shortly after and then nothing, I feared the worst. A re-birth occurred in May 2013 with the band introducing a more synth orientated sound with glistening synths and soft, dream-inducing vocals. The result was pure beauty.

Reminiscing aside, I'm here to talk about "Hello Nothing", a new/old track (it's actually one of the original demos - the one I originally said was my favourite) which has been suitably updated in keeping with the 'new' sound, amongst propeller synths is this heavenly tapestry of swooning, retro-cool soundscapes, glacial guitars and gorgeous vocals, the result is an intoxicating combination that pulls you in, seduces you and leaves you begging for more. Please don't leave it so long next time guys?!