Fear of Men #8 - Alta / Waterfall


Fear of Men are a band I'be adorned with superlatives here since way back in March 2011 when I discovered their debut demo tape and track "Phantom Limb", it's hard to believe three years have passed since. 2014 starts with news of the Brighton quartet's debut full length (after last years Early Fragments, a collection of earlier 7" releases) entitled Loom and due for release on April 21st via Kanine Records. To make the news even better we've been treated to the first five minutes of the record in the form of "Alta / Waterfall".

The slow brooding "Alta" starts with a mist of eerie atmosphere built around elongated organ chords and plaintive vocals before launching straight into "Waterfall", a track more in-keeping with the dreamy jangle-pop which we've become accustomed to, here Jess Weiss' impeccable voice serenades around beautifully upbeat guitar shimmers,chugging bass-riffs and driving percussion before the track closes with the re-introduction of experimental soundscapes which hint towards a wholly immersive album to follow.

Loom is available to pre-order now via fearofmen.co.uk, a limited Record Store Day vinyl is also promised.