Fielded #2 - City of the Dazed


I first covered Fielded, moniker of now Brooklyn based Lindsay Powell almost three years ago now, her debut LP Terrageist was one I instantly ordered upon my discovery, becoming smitten with what I then described as an experimental enchantresses singing post-apocalyptic tales with a mystical and gothic tinge amongst the sounds of ritualistic sacrifices and haunting dreamy soundscapes.

I later picked up a 7" White Death that was released here in the UK but after seemingly lost touch shortly after (Lindsay's bandcamp page adheres to release last year - all can be streamed there too). I'm back on track with the first track taken from Fielded's forthcoming EP Universally Handsome...

"City of the Dazed" highlights a big progression, with the focus firmly put on the crystal-clear clarity of Lindsay's voice, now releasing its full power in a booming pop laden track full of stuttering electronic beats and layered harmonies. It certainly perks the curiosity for more.