iamamiwhoami #5 - Hunting For Pearls

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Just last week I took to twitter with a tongue in cheek comment about the six month odd delay in receiving my vinyl copy of iamamiwhoami's Bounty EP, her first release re-released last year but delivered in February 2014. The vinyl, sleeve, labels, everything is plain white, plain. I have no idea what could have delayed it for six months. Multiple incorrect pressings I assume.

Anyway, I'm not here for that, Jonna Lee's extraordinary audio/visual experimental project returns with "Hunting For Pearls", a track which I think recalls some of energy and passion of those early Bounty tracks. After an initial 'chase scene' with typically ambient soundscapes the track's themes play out mainly around/under water where fizzing 80's sounding drums and glittering synths sound almost euphoric. As imaginative and alluring as ever, iamamiwhoami keep finding a mysterious, creative spark and long may it continue.

The track is available to download now via iamamiwhoiami's official website.