Lily & Madeleine #4 - I've Got Freedom


One of my New Year's Resolutions as far as the blog was concerned was to keep posting about bands after the initial joy of a new single / album announcement has been made (I'm probably failing). It's pretty easy to get filled with hysteria when an act releases a debut track that blows your mind or about the first single from a favourite band returning after three years away but I often neglect to cover that act again until their next album (apart from year-end lists or festival reviews).

Generally the reasons are simple and one I adhered to on my twitter today - time. This is a one-man blog of passion and love around a family and full-time job and an obsessive compulsion to see as many gigs as I can possibly go to. Something has to give.

Anyway, that long-winding paragraph brings me onto one such act, Lily & Madeleine whom I'm covered here a couple of times around the release of last October's debut full length and forgot all about since... Their latest single "I've Got Freedom" gives me chance to amend that (I was probably meant to post this a couple of weeks ago to coincide with a UK tour but Prince kinda got in the way of my life!)...

Much like with earlier singles "Devil You Know" and "Come To Me" there's nothing not to like about the track, as beautiful and enchanting as a track about post relationship liberation can be with the sister's arresting voices and simple, restrained instrumentation creating a melody to fully lose yourself in. Pure, relaxing bliss, what more could ask for on a Tuesday evening.

Lily & Madeleine is out now on Asthmatic Kitty Records