Liza Anne #2 - Thin Ice / Rubble

Liza Anne was one of 2014's first and finest discoveries, my introduction was the title-track from her then soon to be (now released) album The Colder Months, a restrained, atmospheric beauty that slowly swelled amongst widescreen guitars and softly emotive vocals to devastating results.

With the album now out in the big, bad world Liza has shared two more tracks from the release, "Thin Ice" which combines Liza's expressive voice, a sweeping melody and deeply intimate tales of love, a theme that takes centre stage throughout much of The Colder Months. The second track "Rubble" is perhaps the most personal, vulnerable moment on the release and also one of the most beautiful, restrained guitar patterns remain understated with the emphasis on Liza's haunting voice, melancholia rarely sounds so gorgeous.

Her subjects (love and death) are universal and this release is sure to connect with anyone who found themselves starring into a box of tissues whilst listening to last years Daughter debut LP.