Night Flowers #3 - Embers


Night Flowers were a band I connected with the very second I heard their debut tracks "Single Beds" and "North", immediate, upbeat jangle-pop that brought to mind any number of 90's fuzz pop / Pains comparisons. The London quintet return now with news of their first official release, a four track EP which will be available on 10" vinyl / digital via Dirty Bingo Records on April 7th.

"Embers" shows the signs of a band developing in their craft, straying ever so slightly from the nostalgia-filled memories with a stronger percussive heart and grungey guitar melody, don't worry though indie-poppers, the track is still sweetness personified with dreamy, beautifully hushed vocal harmonies soothing any troubles away.

The EP is set to be launched with a show on April 4th at the Victoria Dalston. I'm in Bratislava so the day I get to break my live Night Flowers duck will have to wait, soon I promise.