Powder Blue - New Music "Introducing"

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Over the next few months I expect to discover a good number of bands thanks to their announcement in The Great Escape line-up, even as a New Music blog the one thing that is given is the fact there are always more new bands than you can ever listen to. Powder Blue are a Canadian quartet who released a debut six track EP early last year (available on digital / sexy 12" vinyl now via Bandcamp).

I think my favourite is the first "Go On Forever", the track opens with this foreboding, atmosphere-heavy organ before the tide parts to make the way for slow-burning guitars and reverb-heavy vocal harmonies. The mood remains hazy and hypnotic throughout, a sweet and mysterious beauty that takes you on a blissed-out ethereal journey you don't really want to leave.

The following track "Dream in Black" is perhaps closest to the obvious Warpaint comparisons, with its layers of swirling guitar textured, forever elongated, jangly psyche rhythms which soon embed themselves in your brain whilst western plains are the thoughts during the languid "The Haunting" an exotic, dark and gorgeous combination of spaghetti western soundtrack echoes and surf guitar textures. Yes. I like this a lot. See you in Brighton come what May.