Sea Lion #4 - Sanna's Song


There's been a theme this week for posting acts I've mentioned numerous times already and that's continuing for another few days at least, the hope is at least that newer readers will still be discovering an act for the first time, even though like in the case of this post I've covered the artist in question at intervals since September 2012 (and as the blog title suggests, I'm here to talk about music that I like).

Sea Lion (Gothenburg's Linn Osterberg) has captured my heart before with her naked arrangements and a delicate, haunting voice so it's no surprise she's done it again with the first glimpse of new material since signing to Turnstile Music (a few of you might have been lucky enough to see her play her debut UK dates in support of Cate Le Bon this/last week).

The track "Sanna's Song" (available as a free download via the soundcloud link below), plucks right at your soul with typically soft, restrained instrumentation as glacial guitar shimmers are joined by pared-down beats and Linn's serenely fragile vocal delivery, it's purposely slow but hits hard with devastatingly beauty as you are transferred to a blissful world far away from the constant rain that's blighting the UK. Gorgeous.