Shura #2 - Touch


I've been looking forward to hearing new material from Shura for a while now, it's crazy to think it was way back in 2011 that I first came across her 'night-folk' tracks produced with Hiatus. Both "River" and "Fortune's Fool" introduced a beautiful, soothing voice capable of healing broken hearts. Since there's been the odd further collaboration along the way but it wasn't until yesterday that Shura returned to my headphones with a track that wasn't at all what I was expected but had me hooked almost straight away...

"Touch" removes all of those earlier singer-songwriter trademarks and inside replaces them with a mid 90's R&B slow-jam. Here there's this effortlessly sexy / cool melody that swoons amongst soft-glittering electronics and Shura's luxurious vocal, its simple and refined and despite its lyrics of "I wanna touch you but it's too late, I wanna touch you but there's history..."  is straight-up baby-making music.