Soko #4 - Love Letter


A timely named one-off release today by SoKo, if you've seen her live before you'll know she's unpredictable from one song to the next, some of her tracks lonely, tender love songs resonating intimately around plucked acoustic guitar and then the next moment she teleports behind a drum kit and start hammering out some almighty noise.

It's the latter style that her unexpected "Love Letter" takes, now residing in LA the track sounds like it was made in a late 70's Berlin club with dark, sleazy synth lines propelling drum machine beats and biting vocals. The atmosphere may be cold and ominous throughout yet it's spectacularly catchy too, amongst repeated cries of 'a big kiss from your bad, bad weed' I can pretty much guarantee you'll be tapping your feet along by the end.

I like it. You can download the track via Bandcamp below. Happy Valentine's Day to you too.