Sophie Jamieson #5 - Other


Last Friday, this blogs fine blogging chum Robin over at Breaking More Waves (along with Adam at Alphabet Bands) did a charity blogathon - what that entitled was basically writing blogs (and all that it entails, checking emails, research etc) for 24 hours straight (I assume toilet breaks and coffee were allowed!). I've not had chance to digest all of the results yet but one that jumped right out of the page was a new track from one of my favourite new artists Sophie Jamieson...

The track "Other" is a live version of a new song (which from seeing Sophie live before Christmas I think I am right in saying is one side of a forthcoming double a-side single - don't take that for gospel though) and highlights the startling progression I've talked about here before.

Now expanded to a full quartet with the addition of ex-Fanfarlo drummer Amos Memon (live UK band dates to follow soon) "Other" combines the original traits of Sophie's music; beguiling vocals, tug at your heart intimacy and finger-plucking acoustic with those increasingly becoming her's, a haunting blend of atmospheric guitar shimmers and now swelling percussion, the use of space and emotion here is quite extraordinary and the result can do nothing but bring goosebumps. I love it.