Tashaki Miyaki #8 - Cool Runnings


I've only been offline for almost 48 hours (the reasons for that will be following in the very next blog later) and I've missed a whole pile of stuff from a lot of my favourite acts, the catch up starts immediately and in order that I saw them, Tashaki Miyaki are a trio that have been around for a while now with a series of tracks drenched in starry-eyed melodies and super-chilled vocals. They return with a new single ahead of their debut album due later in the year...

I'm not sure if the title is purposely meant for now at the start of the Winter Olympics or coincidental, with the whole Jamaica in the Bobsled  / Disney film of the first, infamous incident, either way "Cool Runnings" is another slice of their trademark dream-pop swoon where hazy, languid guitars combine with Lucy's gorgeous vocals now with the added accompaniment of serene strings, smooth, laid-back perfection.

A super limited vinyl version of the track (with exclusive track opportunities) is released on the bands own label February 25th and can be pre-ordered now via Bandcamp.