The Bright Smoke - Virginia Et Al.

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Despite the odd moan about the blogs mail inbox it's still an important part of music discovery, sure I am overwhelmed by emails on a daily basis, I receive more than I could ever listen to in full and it's a timely basis just deciding which ones I might like but often treasures are found which might otherwise have never been discovered. One such example why the time eventually pays off is The Bright Smoke, the Brooklyn based project of Mia Wilson.

Her latest EP is my discovery point, the six Virginia Et Al. which came out last December and the track "Wild Again" my starting point, instantly you are seduced by the pitter-patter of restrained percussion and creeping guitar circles and then shortly after Mia's voice hits you, her alluring, slow-burn tones recalling the starker moments of PJ Harvey's Is This Desire?, drenched in a web of exotic, hazy beauty and mysterious intrigue, you are pulled in immediately.

"Pure Light" is similarly darkly hued, both weird and wonderful with subtle ringing guitars and twinkling piano chords emphasising the raw, seductive power of Mia's charismatic delivery whilst "Slow Burn" is the EP's most devastating moment, revealing its meaning slowly before hitting home with equal measure heartbreak and reflection. Quite the introduction.

Virginia Et Al. is available now via Bandcamp.

The Bright Smoke - Slow Down from The Bang Bang Theory® on Vimeo.