Audio Fauna - New Music "Introducing"


I don't know how many people who read this will know how I'm feeling right now but today I ran 21 miles. My final long training run before my next marathon in two weeks time, the run itself was a bit of a confident boost after a couple of poor attempts the past couple of weeks. Now though, some seven hours later (I'm writing Monday's blog on Sunday night, as I normally do) I'm overwhelmed, every inch of me is shattered and the leg that's been causing me a few problems is throbbing like it's about to explode. The perfect antidote to that feeling is probably sleep yet here I am listening to some new and some recently new music (I'm still obsessed with "Sienna" by The Night VI) to relax a little bit first and then I make a brand new discovery to make it all worth while...

Audio Fauna are the Swedish duo of Johanna Kalén (formerly of Husky Rescue) and Mari Kronlund and to be honest their titles do a better job to describe their debut two tracks "In To The Light" and "Silent Peace" than I will... Both are gorgeous.

"In To The Light" starts with the words "tired bones" and I already know it's what I need right now, combining the gentle pitter-patter of tom beats with light, airy guitar textures and soft, enchanting vocals. Johanna's utterly beautiful, fragile lead blends around subtle backing harmonies and the resulting dreamlike, calming atmosphere is the ideal supplement for my current state of body and mind. "Silent Peace" is similarly serene and intriguing, built around a soothing bed of acoustic plucks and luscious instrumentation that create a soundscape that perfectly captures the fresh optimism that a relaxing walk around a forest can bring.

Fall under Audio Fauna's intoxicating spell with a press on play below, you won't regret it.