Casi Wyn - New Music "Introducing"


The entire media world focusing on SXSW this week has meant for a welcome calm for my inbox (after an abundance of unneeded invites) and the relentless cycle of new music that appears (fear not, it'll be back to normal next week). It's given me chance to be busy with other things (primarily finishing Almost Human and Bates Motel) and to catch-up on a few posts I've been meaning to do for a while now, the next of which is Casi Wyn, Welsh but now based in London who came to my attention with her perfectly titled single "Grace".

The track is both beautiful and interesting and Casi's voice the same, a marriage of restrained, flickering 80's electro pop which allows Casi's alluring, accented vocals to perfectly blossom throughout. I particularly like the change half way through when the track gathers momentum thanks to some stirling guitar before parting to end on the most gorgeous of notes.

The single is available now digitally via iTunes.