Dream Lake - New Music "Introducing"

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Dream Lake's name pretty much gives away what to expect with their music (and you'd be right). A combination of soft, ethereal vocals and luscious soundscapes that fits them in nicely amongst the number of dream-pop bands of today and then if I tell you they are from Scandanavia too, you'd still be getting full marks when expecting to hear a delicious melody and a fresh, alluring voice.

This Stockholm duo deserve their own time though, with the shimmering melody of "In The Lights" taken from their debut self-titled EP serving as an illuminating introduction.

"In The Lights" is beautiful from the get-go with bright piano twinkles complimenting Isabella Svärdstam's breezy vocal whispers and a creeping bass rhythm, it feels instantly refreshing and transports me from a room in an overcast England to the excitement of running through some serene and green landscape. Their Soundcloud gives a handful more tracks to listen to, picking up on a couple of my favourites "I See The Sky" adds in layers of addictive sweetness and nostalgia whilst "Try" is  the catchiest of the lot with an compulsive synth beat and a rich, reliable hook that you'll swear you've heard before.

I couldn't actually track down a link to their EP, I'll update this if I do but suffice to say this, dream-poppers, prepare to full in love.