Elastic Sleep - New Music "Introducing"


Ah Shoegaze, it's been a while... here's me focusing on alternative folk and jangle-pop for far too long and potentially missing things as good as this. Cork's Elastic Sleep, who come to my attention with "Leave You", the lead single from their debut six track EP due next month on 10" vinyl (via Fifa Records and Big Tea Records).

The track starts as it continues, a luscious blend of intoxicating fuzz guitars and delicious, ethereal vocals that could have been made at any point over the past twenty years, it's simple down-on-your-luck lyrics and sweetly sung choruses immediately enter in your head and sound almost as catchy as the soaring lead guitar riff and then via Bandcamp I discover a fantastic version of Nancy Sinatra's "You Only Live Twice", morphed into a spaced-out, languid maze of haunting, dreamy bliss that would suit an Alien film far more than James Bond. Lovely.