Esben and the Witch #9 - No Dog


Right, I'm cutting straight to the chase here. That's as someone who has loved Esben and the Witch since the very beginning (with a hard copy of their debut EP '33 sitting in my collection to back that up). This song is their best ever. Yes, better than "Marching Song" better than "Argyria", "Chorea", "Corridors", "Lucia", the lot.

"No Dog" is taken from a forthcoming split release with Thought Forms and is quite simply incredible. The track waste no time letting you know what's in store for you, the aural storm of noise kicks off  immediately as pummeling drums and a frenetic swam of bass is unleashed on the perhaps unsuspecting listening, this brutal, powerful intro lasts for some 90 seconds before parting to with clearer, ambient skies in which Rachel Davies' typically haunting vocals enter, lulling you into a false, hypnotic state of security before soon enough those storm return, begging you into submission with wave after wave of increased force and screams. Mesmerising.

The Esben and the Witch / Thought Forms 12" split (both sides run for sixteen minutes yet the number of tracks on the release reads two for Esben and four for TF's). Quantity never beats quality, and certainly not when the taster is this good. The split is available on limited 12" vinyl via Invada Records April 7th with pre-orders available now.

The band are currently in the middle of a Pledge Music campaign to record and release their third LP, with the prospect of a limited, exclusive EP and more for the money rich, it's something you'll probably want to get involved with too. Head here for more on that.