Fear of Men #10 - Outrun Me

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Fear of Men continue to spoil us with the latest in a line of new tracks, "Outrun Me" is the flip side to the forthcoming single "Luna" (due April 7th released as a limited flexi disc and zine via Art is Hard Records) and comes a week before the release of the bands debut full-length Loom on Kanine Records.

The track combines a lingering melancholy with the sweetness of Jessica's vocals, where deliciously plaintive guitar chimes and languid machine gun drums combine throughout to create a melody as longing and devastating as the repeated use of the words "the past does not come easily".

I've somehow managed to miss seeing the band at each and every one of a recent series of London shows, something I'll be trying to put right when the band play an album release show on Wednesday April 16th at Birthdays.