Gazelle Twin #4 - The Belly of the Beast

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It's time for a long overdue catch-up with Gazelle Twin, one of my favourite discoveries of 2010/11. After her spellbinding debut The Entire City transfixed with dark, chilly yet deeply beautiful soundscapes Elizabeth Walling returns with the first track from her second full-length Unflesh (as yet undated but marked for a 2014 release).

The first thing to note about the track "Belly of the Beast" is its directness, the overriding mood throughout The Entire City was atmosphere, there brooding, ominous and mysterious, it always teetered on the edge of your emotions. Here though, undulating rhythms and pulsing electronics introduce a nightmarish, industrial intensity that never falters and is sure to have you running for your life around the repeated lyrics of "I'll take it like milk from a baby"... Add to that a video that will make you never want to step foot in a supermarket again and about the only thing I can up with is yikes!