Glastonbury Emerging Talent Contest 2014

A few hours ago Glastonbury Festival announced the long-list for this years Emerging Talent Contest, the longstanding competition for a band to win a slot on a main-stage at the festival. I was involved last year and was delighted to be asked again this year. The contest sees 40 of the UK's 'finest' blogs (their words, not mine!) each given a long, long list of acts who had previously submitted their details to the festival with the relatively straight-forward (but incredibly difficult) job of whittling that number down to just three acts each.

Each bloggers three acts then form the long-list of 120 acts which you can see now on the Glastonbury website. From these lists, a panel of Glastonbury judges (including Emily & Michael Eavis) will pick eight acts (just eight from many thousands of entrants) who will play at a live final in Pilton in April on which the winner then finds their way onto the Glastonbury line-up alongside Arcade Fire, Dolly Parton and many, many more (to be confirmed, unfortunately I don't have any say in that!!).

Of my entire long-list just one act had been previously covered here. A singular statement that goes to highlight the breadth of talent in the UK - Glastonbury ETC was UK artists only - whilst naturally the list was a bit of a mixed bag in terms on my own particular taste there were a great number of exciting acts to discover.

Last year I posted a list of acts I discovered thanks to my long-list prior to the results coming out and I did intend to again this but time around but time, as ever, has found me out and instead here I am posting in retrospect which means rather than a 'have a look at what you could have won' style post I'm focusing purely on the acts I've put through.

I also formed part of Bloggers Utd to further judge some acts after a couple of bloggers pulled out from the competition so in total I put through five acts to the long-list. Each of which is detailed below.

The Cadbury Sisters - Facebook

"The trio blend their vocals around exquisite fingerplucked acoustic melodies and the result is simply beautiful."

Leisure - Facebook 

"Sexy-smooth electro-pop rhythms which stand out thanks to a super slick melody and a deviliously gorgeous 90's inspired soul vocal"

Georgia and the Dales - Facebook

"I instantly fell in love with "Dark Age",  a beautiful, atmospheric traditional folk number with soft harmonies set amongst rich, quick-paced instrumentation".

Only Girl - Facebook

""Bittersweet" swoons around your heart with sparse, early 90's r&b grooves and a ghostly sweet vocal".

Empress Nights - Facebook

"Otherworldly, haunting soundscapes with passionate vocals against a backdrop of shimmering guitars and soft, restrained piano twinkles, the result is as bold as it is beautiful."