Grace Banks - Innocent When You Dream


From a song called "Grace" to an artist... I'm pretty sure I've talked about Grace Banks here before but I couldn't find any proof of it so I apologise for my delay in sharing another wonderful London based talent with you (all?).

Grace came to my attention via Sophie Jamieson I think a good year or so ago, a cursed/failed gig attempt and since time meant it took an email about a new live session to re-jog my increasingly poor memory. The video in question by The Crypt Sessions (re)introduces a beguiling voice and a calming antidote from the hectic week I've endured. This is no bells and whistle performance either, there's little more than subtle acoustic fingerplucks and a naturally toned vocal here (oh, and candles) and it's all the better for it too. The track "Innocent When You Dream" is taken from an EP which seems to have been released online towards the end of 2012 and it fully deserves to capture your attention for its four minute length, sparse, soulful, genuine and completely bewitching to boot.

Make sure you immerse yourself in the similarly strong songcraft of "I Think I Caught a Glimpse of God" too. and then you'll probably want to head to soundcloud to listen to a handful more tracks by Grace.