Holly Miranda #9 - Everlasting / Desert Call

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In 2011 I went a little OTT with my postings of Holly Miranda, numerous exquisite live session videos and her gorgeous full length The Magician's Private Library had me spellbound and hooked on a ferocious talent armed with a unique and potent voice.

Since it's been quiet, too quiet, with no shows or tracks shared for a good couple of years until finally two tracks showed up on Holly's Soundcloud page last week (although it appears they were released towards the end of 2013) and finally, it seems we're beginning to gear up the anticipation for the follow up. The two tracks "Desert Call" and "Everlasting" already have me smitten...

"Desert Call" will be instantly familiar to fans of her debut, a swooning blend of honey-toned vocals and languid, shimmering instrumentation that drifts with a woozy, hypnotic sense of luxurious beauty and leaves you somewhere between waking and dreaming and the other, "Everlasting" is similarly rich and magical with Holly's vocals floating across an intricate backdrop of swirling piano chords and buzzing guitars, three years may have passed but Holly Miranda remains just as intoxicating.

Can the album please hurry up and be ready (and supporting UK shows too of course, I might as well be greedy whilst I'm here).