London Grammar #3 - Devil Inside


Earlier this week the best TV show on the planet (that's Game of Thrones by the way and will series four please hurry up) unleashed a brand new trailer which closed with the distinctive vocals of Hannah Reid, the track for the uninitiated turned out to be a cover, INXS's "Devil Inside" transformed by the trio London Grammar to a haunting ballad that strips the raw power of the original and in its place added emotion by the truck load.

Emotion is something London Grammar have made their own since the came to the fore in late 2012 and their interpretation of "Devil Inside" is no different, starting serene and restrained with plaintive keys the sole accompaniment for Hannah's haunting vocals, before soon creeping guitars are introduced and the track builds and builds to typically a soaring, dynamic finale. It's bound to be divisive amongst late 80's rockers but I find this to be quite exquisite, a bare and beautiful version capable of touching deep inside. Listen below: