Lykke Li #5 – No Rest For The Wicked

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A couple of weeks back when I talked about "Love Me Like I'm Not Made Of Stone", the first taster of Lykke Li's forthcoming third album I Never Learn I mentioned a track I'd earlier heard live at the BBC 6Music Festival "No Rest For The Wicked" and talked about it as a 'big, dramatic 80's influenced power ballad'.

Yesterday we were treated to the studio version of the track and you might be wondering what I was listening too, here the track builds with typically Lykke Li style heartache and slow-burn beauty with space and cavernous drums taking centre stage ahead of the raw, forceful power of the live counterpart and here the track's piano chords emit the same sense of melancholy and emotion as the lyrics "Lonely I, I'm so alone now". Beautiful.

I Never Learn is due May 5th. I think you'll be hearing me talk about it again.