Marika Hackman #5 - Deep Green


Get ready for some more overused coinage here! Marika Hackman returns (well, I'm not sure she was ever actually away) with "Deep Green", the first track taken from her third EP Deaf Heat which is planned for release April 14th via Dirty Hit, a track which may well be (here we go) her finest, most accomplished to date.

Marika is known for combining eerie, choral instrumentation with a soft, haunted vocal and of course that is the case again with "Deep Green", as natural and elegant as its title with a powerful tribal beat forming its heart-beat around electronic nuances and a scatchy, creeping melody. As ever, the result sees otherworldly atmosphere and alluring beauty collide as Marika pulls you into her rich, intense world. It's one that pains you to leave.

The EP is preceded by a small UK tour which kicks off next week (dates).