Ocean Calling - New Music "Introducing"


Ocean Calling is the performing name of Sophie Wilkie and her track "Desert Sky Scarlet" has really captured my imagination today, on searching for the usual information about her like location / previous releases etc (which I mostly failed to find) I discovered an interview with Sophie where she describes her sound as 'sparkling songs for adventure, love, and light' and in a nutshell, she is spot on.

"Desert Sky Scarlet" instantly makes you feel like you're a teenager heading off on your first journey without your family or friends, a bubbling, heady mixture of excitement, nostalgia and emotion, the track is propelled by bright, shimmering synths and Sophie's airy vocals and immediately fills you with a warming glow that makes you wish you were about to join Sophie on her adventures. If only. I find listening to your headphones on the way to the office daydreaming works almost as well.

The track is available to buy via Bandcamp now.