Oh Odessa #2 - Pages


A year or so I ran a typically superlative filled introducing blog on Brooklyn quartet Oh Odessa and their debut full length album. A record that blurred moments of Sharon Van Etten style beauty with the eccentricity and fury of St Vincent, wounded, haunting and electric (you can still stream/buy via bandcamp).

The band return this week with a new single "Pages" and I'm instantly pulled in all over again, a drip feed of emotions from the get-go the track slowly builds around jagged guitars and drum patterns with Jeni Magana's brooding vocals firmly at the fore. Eerie, compelling, assured, I'm not quite sure of the best word to describe the track is but what I can 100% say is that Oh Odessa deserve a few zero's on the end of their current 229 count of 'fans' on Facebook. Sort that out people.