Sun Up - New Music "Introducing"


Sun Up are a newly formed Norwegian/British band now based in East London, they come to my timely attention thanks to a belated browse through my inbox and are guaranteed a play with the use of the words 'Scandinavian dreamy pop/rock band with female vocals' in the subject. It's true and I'm immediately impressed...

As well as their name, debut track "Machines" comes at an appropriate time with the seeming arrival of Spring, combining a sweet melody of bright, kaleidoscopic guitar shimmers, sparse beats and a truly startling voice. It belong to Frøydis (I'm sure she has a surname but I do not, so for now she can be like Prince), her assented tones connect instantly whether it's her swooning harmonies or powerful choruses, you're left hanging on her every word as the track flies through with twinkling, uplifting pop joy. Quite the debut guys.