Swaying Wires - Fear of Flying

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Long-time readers of this blog will probably have a good idea of the sort of music I enjoy, there's a few different types from dark, brooding noise to fuzzy garage pop to the sort of music I'm posting here, bewitching, ambient folk.

The band responsible are Swaying Wires, an alternative-folk quartet who hail from Finland. They are led by the captivating voice of Tina Kärkinen and recently shared "Fear of Flying", the first track from their forthcoming debut album Some Blue Sky, out next week via Battle and is available to order here.

I'm immediately pulled in by the hypnotic acoustic melody and rich, atmospheric arrangements, haunting yet delicate and beautiful in their simplicity but it's Tina's folk-noir vocals that steals the show, her voice softly serenading you amongst sombre and reflective songcraft. One thing is for certain, it's all very lovely indeed.