The Night VI #2 - Sienna

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Six months ago when I first talked about The Night VI I thought the band would soon follow the likes of London Grammar in making it big within mainstream audiences and whilst the London based sextet have certainly managed to garner some pretty impressive attention online and have a spectacular EP Still Thinking Of You under their belt (I recommend you order the vinyl asap) they've not quite escalated the way I expect them too. If there's any justice, latest single "Sienna" will provide the catalyst to do just that.

"Sienna" is simply magnificent, built around the crystal clear voice of Sophie-Rose, here filled with more heartache and emotion that you could bottle, the track will connect with anyone whose ever let someone they love slip through their fingers (pretty sure that's most of us) and supported by spacious, blissed-out instrumentation it provides an irresistible listen from its first to last moment.

"Sienna" is available now via iTunes.