There's Talk - The Salt


There's Talk, a trio from San Francisco led by songwriter / vocalist Olivia Lee, might have released this track towards the end of last Summer but it's so bloody lovely that I have to feature it now, upon my late discovery...

"The Salt" is the rare type of slow-burning, introspective beauty that immediately makes you want to grab those next to you and have a long, warming embrace. Amongst the repeated twinkling of piano chords and the most minimal amount of restrained electronic beats is Olivia's softly, haunting vocals, her intimate, emotionally powerful words instantly connect and open up healed wounds.

The track comes backed with a video that's equally impressive with otherworldly visuals only adding to atmosphere and is taken from There's Talk's debut EP Tiny Strands, available now via Bandcamp. I've only listened through once so far but am instantly struck by the closing song, the title track, which weaves similarly melancholic plains with a sparse acoustic melody carrying the fragile, winsome melody to a devastating conclusion. Tissues may be needed.