Varg #2 - While I'm Carrying Your Skin

Almost a year ago now I posted a introducing blog on Swedish trio Varg and their debut EP North, a calming, beautiful release I compared to the softness and natural beauty of Bon Iver. They return now with "While I'm Carrying Your Skin", the lead track from their full length Embroidery (released today via Jämmerdosa) and things have seemingly developed since...

Where North was a lesson on restrained melancholy "While I'm Carrying Your Skin" instantly feels darker, bolder and more dramatic (perhaps the tracks title gives that away!) with tribal percussion and orchestral nuances instantly at the fore. The haunting, hymnal tones brings immediate comparisons to the exceptional Bird to mind, blending the eerie, spiritual side of Chelsea Wolfe with graceful, beguiling vocal harmonies.

The album goes straight onto my 'to listen to asap' list. It should yours too. Embroidery is available now via iTunes.