Aldous Harding - New Music "Introducing"


I've got French For Rabbits to thank for this introduction, Aldous Harding is a New Zealand based singer-songwriter whom has just released her debut album via home-label Lyttelton Records and if there's is any justice it will shortly become a cult favourite amongst lovers of lush, retro folk and otherworldly voices.

I'm not very good at album reviews, so I've picked three tracks to focus on here, the album's opener "Stop Your Tears" was the track that introduced me to Aldous Harding (aka Hannah) and instantly pulls you into an alternate world of genteel beauty. A beguiling acoustic guitar provides the platform for much of the album and here its soft plucks and haunting backing harmonies are the only accompaniment to Hannah's voice, a timeless, natural tone which is capable of making the hairs on your neck stand on end.

There's more instrumentation behind "Titus Groan" which with rich guitars and strings is the musical equivalent of big comforting hug whilst the darkest and most devastating track of all is the stunning "No Peace", a purposely slow track that hits hard with raw, emotive power. Find some time for yourself in a darkly lit room (ideally with a nice glass of whiskey) and immersive yourself in Alodous Harding below.

French For Rabbits are due in the UK soon, any chance of stowing away in their luggage?!