Alexandra Stewart - New Music "Introducing"


If you're feeling anything like I am today, you'll be wishing there was an extra day to recover from your long Easter weekend excursions. I can't give you that unfortunately but I can provide you with a song that may just melt your heart.

"I Grow" is the new track by Brooklyn based Canadian artist Alexandra Stewart (new to me but follows last years WÀBÀ EP - discovered and available via Bandacmp).

I'll focus on the skeletal beauty that is "I Grow" for now, led by melancholic piano and understated instrumentation the song beguiles around its dreamy atmosphere and Alex's soft, luscious vocal, the sort of voice that carries you away and here I'm left with my eyes closed and transported to somewhere as beautiful as the artwork that comes supplied on the soundcloud track below. After three and a half minutes the track surprises, morphing from plaintive piano-ballad to something akin to a slow-motion Dirty Projectors at their finest, with ambient guitar shimmers and pared-down drums closing the track with the repeated whispers of the title. Absolutely gorgeous is this and that will do just fine for me today.