Amaya Laucirica - Prettier Than The Sound

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The press release attached that to the email that serves as my discovery to Amaya Laucirica states the tracks I'm talking about today are from the Melbourne based singer/songwriter / band's third album, judging by just how many of my boxes are instantly ticked I'm left wondering quite how I'd never heard of her before.

"Prettier Than The Sound" and "On The Air" are the first two tracks from the aforementioned Sway, the former exactly as described within its title, with jagged guitars and precise percussion leading to a gorgeously light and textured vocal, uplifting and bright amongst shimmering guitars. It's one of the (dare I say it) prettiest jangle-pop tracks I've heard all year. "On The Air" has a little more edge to it, bringing Metric or Blond Redhead to mind with Amaya's sweeping vocals and a strong melody made up of twinkling synths and driving beats. It's the sort of sound made for the UK, gloriously rich full of subtle hints of darkness.

The press release states the Australian release of Sway as April 18th, with the Internet bringing down International borders and such hopefully those outside the country will find the release the same.