Blessa #6 - Unfurl


The first band I saw live in 2014 was Blessa, after spending 2013 writing about every track they released via their soundcloud I was delighted that my debut live experience lived up to hype, the show being the perfect extension of their studio sound, awash with shimmering guitars, precise drums and sharp bass-lines wrapped around the longing, romantic vocals of Olivia Neller.

The quartet have now announced their debut EP, Love Is An Evol Word due 23rd June via Generator and the bands own Carmel Records and a new track from it "Unfurl" (actually one of the bands first shared online back in early 2013). The Sheffield quartet have come a long way since that original version with the growth and confidence picked up along the way highlighted here, "Unfurl" is impeccable, the guitar textures are pristine and clean, the vocals clear and shine with a radiance of beauty and desire. Blessa confirm that they are one of the current crop of guitar bands to be truly excited about.