Call Me - New Music "Introducing"

I've recently learnt to pay attention to anything that comes out of the Swedish label Luxury, as recent posts on bands The Sun Days and School will testify. The latest act to come to my attention through their releases is Call Me, the project of Stockholm's Anna Norden Ströms, she appears to have released a couple of tracks late last year but this track "Disclosed" comes as my introduction, a stirring one at that too.

Growing from a slow-burning introduction, where a minimal synth beat comes alive with Anna's beautiful vocals at around the minute mark with a glistening key led melody building to a rousing, emphatic finale. The lyrics mirror the change too, from the resigned to the optimistic, with the opening words of "maybe it's too late for us" leading to the repeated final cries of "I can show you more than you know". I can see this going down quite well.

"Disclosed" is available to download now from Bandcamp.