Fickle Friends - Play


I'm happy to swallow my words when I'm wrong (after all, it doesn't happen too often) and that's exactly what I'm doing here... A few months back Brighton quintet Fickle Friends appeared from nowhere with a bubble of blog hype (possibly the first real one of 2014) with their debut track "Swim", a ready made anthem with glorious synths and guitar combining with happy-go-lucky vocals. For some reason it never quite connected with me, it's probably the clinking rhythms in at the start. Anyway, it doesn't matter, a few weeks back they returned with their second track "Play" and now here I am, a fully subscribed member of their fan club (or the 2014 equivalent at least, a follower on Facebook).

"Play" combines the same radio friendly charm as "Swim" but gives more freedom to the irresistible voice of Natassja Shine, her swooning words rise to power-pop choruses amongst giddy instrumentation and a chorus so catchy it's going to embed itself in your head from the very first listen.

The band are due to play next months Great Escape festival and I'm definitely interested to see how their sound transfers to a live show.