Hunt - Reset My Bones

Some blogs believe timing is key to a post, primarily blogs driven by ad revenue and 'clicks' who will pretty much only post about 'new' or 'en vouge' acts. Why else do so many blogs feel the need to tell you every time Arcade Fire have a 'celebrity' turn up at one of their shows or when Lana Del Rey or Miley Cyrus and etc etc murmurs any word at all. It certainly is not because they like or believe in what they are posting, it's all about generating money (whether that's to pay their no doubt large hosting costs or for the owner to create revenue is another topic altogether) but thankfully I'm not interested in ads or making money from this blog and am so free to post what I like without any worry or constraints (I'm not expecting to see any writers from a big blog walking around the with word slave written on their cheek mind!).

So with that waffle I move back to 2013 for this wonderful discovery, Swedish quartet Hunt who released their debut album Dark Come Sooner late last year via Kning Disk (the label that came to my attention thanks to originally releasing Anna Von Hausswolff's LP's) and the track "Reset My Bones" which cropped up in my email box thanks to a newly released video (shown below). It's a stunner.

Entwined around the poem "Jellyfish" by Andrea Gibson the track is heady mix of melody, emotion and beauty. It begins with a slow, longing introduction, built around a fuzzy bass line, metronomic drums and shimmering guitars before climaxing with a luscious crescendo of post rock noise and atmosphere and gorgeous, hazy vocal harmonies, light and dark merge effortlessly and my heart is instantly melted. Those drums at the end too...

Some searching around discovers Hunt's Bandcamp page and another track from the album "I Left" (as well as an earlier EP I've bookmarked for a time when it's not 1am - when I'm writing this), a more delicate track which brings out the soft beauty in Susanna Brandin's voice as ringing guitars, steady and sure, build with brooding intensity to another compelling, devastating conclusion. Have I already mentioned that I'm smitten?

Dark Come Sooner is available now on CD/LP via Kning Disk (order here). I already have.

Hunt - Reset my bones (feat Andrea Gibson) from Mats Udd on Vimeo.