Ice Cream Cathedral - The Swans

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I'm not sure if there is a The Time reference within the band name Ice Cream Cathedral or not but I like it anyway, a Danish trio who come to my attention through their latest, bizarre yet incredible single "The Swans". It's taken from their second album Sudden Anatomy due later this year via Riot Factory and although I'm going to focus on the eight minute track and accompanying video today I've been listening to an earlier Imprint EP and I'm wondering how I'd not found the band sooner.

Immediately taking their self-defined genre of 'space pop' to the next level with a video that sees the trio on an intergalactic journey across the universe propelled by subterranean beats and dreamy, Blade Runner esque atmosphere. It's not just Anja T. Lahrmann's breathy, soothing vocals that draws instant comparison with Annie Clark's but the magical sonic pallette that "The Swans" follows, deliciously offbeat, eccentric and unpredictable, woozy synths are complemented by soaring guitars and all manner of 'space' effects and then at the four minute mark the bizarre turns into the unfathomable when the video sees the trio arrive on a barren looking planet inhabited by gigantic dogs (really) as the track morphs into an elongated instrumental ending of stark instrumentation and galloping beats. Quite the introduction!