Joseph - New Music "Introducing"

I came across the band Joesph, a trio of Sisters on the front page of Noisetrade, a tag line of 'listen to this if you like First Aid Kit and The Staves' is instantly enough to arouse my interest and I soon clicked on the link. The headline did its job.

Whilst the track I first heard and embed below "Cloudline" has moments of similarity to the aforementioned acts, with gorgeous harmonies rising and falling through a beautiful melody Joseph sound like their own too, a darkly hued folk number led by the repeated chords of a piano and bold songcraft which grows in strength with percussive claps used to great effect.

After a couple of listens to the bands debut album Native Dreamer Kin (which is available to download now via Bandcamp) I'm hooked, an unfailingly lovely combination of soft, fingerplucking acoustic, perfect song structure and fabulously sweet harmonies (my personal favourite "Gold" or "Tell Me It's A Garden") and a big, deep, rhythmic swoon of Americana ("Wind", "Eyes to the Sky").

$9 - what's that? about one and half English beers. I know which one will stay with you longer....