Lykke Li #6 - Gunshot

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The irreplaceable Lykke Li returns with the latest preview from her forthcoming third LP I Never Learn (due May 5th and available to pre-order here) "Gunshot".

The track is a slow-burner that blossoms from Lykke's typically devastating delivery and the same intimate, inwards emotion that accompanied earlier previews "No Rest For The Wicked" and "Love Me Like I'm Not Made Of Stone" to dramatic power-ballad choruses and the repeated cries of "never get you back".

I'm glad of those choruses because I've kept saying how strong and eighties her live set sounded at the BBC Six Music Festival last month yet until now all we'd heard from I Never Learn was its moments of pain and rejection, here Lykke Li takes those same feelings and turns them on themselves with big, bold defiance. Something she's done before of course on the wonderful "Get Some" from Wounded Rhymes. I'm pretty excited to hear this record in full. Just a couple of weeks now. Stream "Gunshot" below.