Nuoli - New Music "Introducing"


I recently made the decision to take my inbox away from my iPhone and it feels liberating. As I've mentioned here on plenty of occasions, I get far more submissions in a day than I could ever listen to in a week. Personal filters, the general tone of the message (I always try and read direct message not full of obviously false praise) and the sender all point towards the messages I listen to over those I discard but still a bloggers inbox remains a key point of new music discovery (if the blogger is doing it right that is) and here's a perfect example of why...

Stockholm artist Nuoli and her debut (well that's what the PR release says, although I've since read blogs about another track) single "My Curse Is My Mind" immediately captures my current mood, a half-way house of beauty and emotion which pulls you in with its hypnotic atmosphere and dramatic percussive hook, the luxurious web of Nuoli's (aka Fanny Hultman) dreamy, rich vocals and shimmering guitars only help me to find the repeat button.

The obvious reference point is fellow Swede Lykke Li with "My Curse Is My Mind" building around stark melody, tribal beats and intimate lyrics but there's more here than that, soaring choruses with echoey guitars never far from explosion, it's intoxicating however you want to look at it and I can't wait to hear something more from Nuoli.